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Dream World Bangkok

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About Dream World Bangkok

Located in Thanyaburi, about a 50-minute drive from the main city, the Dream World Bangkok theme park offers fun, excitement, and much thrill. The amusement park boasts a vivacious environment at all times complete with mind-boggling rides, roller coasters, waterworks, colorful parades, candy floss, a snow park, and a plethora of entertainment shows.

The Dream World Bangkok Thailand is a fun park you can head to with your entire family where you can enjoy over 40 rides spanning seven distinctly themed zones. Each of these zones promises a unique experience with facilities and services in accordance with the individual themes. So visit Dream World Park Bangkok to experience everything from adrenaline-pumping rides, skiing and sled rides in -8 degree C temperatures at Snow Town and witnessing the multi-hued parades to enjoying a 4D adventure show, and meeting your favorite animated characters.

The park with its well-maintained landscapes and all the state-of-the-art amenities offers excellent opportunities for photoshoots. So click away in glory while you are here to make wonderful memories of your visit to the Dream World Bangkok which bears much resemblance to Disneyland of the US. Book a day of fun and thrill at Dream World Bangkok today.


Why To Book Dream World Bangkok Tickets?

Dream World Bangkok has been subtly connected with Disneyland’s main street in the USA where you can not only enjoy thrilling rides but spend an entire day shopping, eating, and watching entertaining shows. You can also unwind and spend some time relaxing in the Dream Garden within Dream World Bangkok, by simply sitting by the lake or going water cycling.

Some of the regular rides such as the Racing Cars and Speedy Mouse Coasters are the most sought-after ones that you should not miss. From space themed-rides and sky coasters to go-karting, haunted houses, and 4D shows, the park offers scope for unlimited excitement.

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Restaurants and Shops

  • Unleash your adventurous side by going for all the thrilling and adrenaline-pumping rides at Dream World Park Bangkok
  • Do not miss out on all the fun you will have at Speedy Mouse which you can enjoy with your whole family
  • Experience a chill down your spine as you step into the eerie Haunted Mansion and Tornado with your friends
  • Enjoy sled rides and skiing at -8 degree C temperatures in Snow Town
  • Spend a fun time with your favorite animated characters shows like The Colors of The World and several others
  • Take a shot at some of the park’s most daring slides like Super Splash, Hanging Coaster, and Space Mountain
  • Visit The Seven Wonders of The World and click away to gather some wonderful memories
  • Explore the uniquely themed areas of the park such as the Fantasy World, Family World, Small World, and X-Zone
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Why Visit Dream World Bangkok?

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  • Dream World Bangkok is a thrilling fun-filled park that is suited not only to kids but to visitors of all ages. There is a well-padded play area for the little children where you can let them free and relax on the sides. The park is divided into seven themed zones each of which comes with its own share of unique entertainment. Don’t miss the Snow Town with its Arctic temperatures at -5 degrees and enjoy activities like skiing and snow sledding as well.

  • Rides like Tornado, Hurricane, and Sky Coaster are some of the most popular adrenaline-pumping rides of the park that you should not miss if you are looking for a good amount of thrill. You can also splash about on the wet rides at the Grand Canyon, Super Splash, and Water Fun. There are several kid-friendly rides as well as innumerable photo opportunities.

  • The Haunted Mansion at the Dream World Bangkok also comes with its share of chills and creeps. Hop on to the Monorail or the Sightseeing train to get a leisurely tour of the entire park and into Fantasy Land. One of the newest attractions in the park, the Animal Farm is a great place to visit especially with kids as you can see some adorable and exotic creatures here like teacup pigs, deer, and some rare birds among others. The amusement park also hosts a plethora of shows, parades, and other fun activities. Unwind at Dream Plaza where you can shop and dine to your heart’s content.

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Rides in Dream World Bangkok

Dream World Bangkok is divided into 4 main themed zones with over 40 games and activities for visitors to enjoy. There is the Dream Garden which is cut out for little children with nature-themed rides including the popular Speedy Mouse coaster, Water Tricycle, and Racing Cars.

Visit the land of utopia at Fantasy Land where you will find Uncle Tom’s Farm, Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, The Giant House, and Dream World Railroad, among others. One of the most attractive features in the park, the Adventure Land houses the famous Super Splash, Space Mountain, Sky Coaster, and Grand Canyon. The amusement park has something that visitors of all age groups will relish.

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Snow Town

Don’t miss your chance to experience authentic Arctic temperatures right in the middle of steamy Bangkok. The temperatures at Snow Town in Dream World Bangkok never rise above -8 or -5 degree Celsius which give you the feel of the coldest places on earth complete with pristine white powdery snow. You can build a snowman, get inside an igloo, or try snow skiing and snow sledding here. Snow Town is one of the main highlights of the park that sets it apart from others.

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This is one of the most daring rides in Dream World Bangkok that takes you up into the air to a mind-boggling height of over 7 stories. To infuse more thrill into the ride, you are not only swept up high but are done so swinging all the while at a speed of 75 km per hour. So make your way through the clouds as you fly high above the ground, imprinting a sense of absolute thrill on your mind.

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Dream World Hurricane.jpg

Among the most popular rides at Dream World Bangkok is the Hurricane which is an absolute test of your grit and bravado. The heart-stopping ride will take you to a reeling height of 20 meters vertically up in the air and once there, will toss you about like a piece of rag. You will be flipped around and do somersaults, all at that mind-fuzzing height. This is an out and out high energy adrenaline-pumping ride that will leave you in a daze once you are through with it.

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Sky Coaster

If you are an adrenaline junkie and looking for opportunities to experience the ultimate thrill this is what you should be trying. Sky Coaster is Asia’s first hanging coaster that promises to give you an out-of-this-world experience. Feel like a bird as you are swept off your feet and thrashed about high up in the air as your legs keep dangling without any platform below them.

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Get a true pirate feeling as you hop into the Vikings boat, only this time you will be swayed and hurled about not in the turbulent storm at sea but high up in the air. Get the thrill of being in mid-sea battling the fiercest waves of the Seven Seas as you swing high up into the air. The ride brings you one of the most electrifying experiences and a feel of the true power of the mighty ancient Viking warriors. Once you are up in the air, raise your hand up and scream out loud to enjoy every aspect of the adventure.

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Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is one of the rides at the Dream World Bangkok that is most appealing to visitors who come here with entire families, particularly with kids. Board the circular pods of the Grand Canyon ride, which has been designed keeping in mind the iconic Grand Canyon in the US, and get ready for a water adventure. The pods make their way into raging waters, pumping and splashing their way forward while you get soaked in the thrill and the river water. Make sure your phones and cameras are well protected before embarking on this ride.

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Yet another thrilling, adventure-filled ride at the Dream World Bangkok is the Raptor. Sit in your pods and await a tumultuous ride where you get bumped, jerked, hauled, and pushed in every direction possible. The best part of the ride is you are just left at the mercy of it and do not have a clue of what is coming next.

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Bump Car

This is a great ride at the Dream World Amusement Park Bangkok that you can enjoy with friends and family. Take your place at the wheels in your own car and ride along as you please in any direction you want. Chances are you will bump into your friends as they too try their best to veer around in this fun zone that can be enjoyed by all.

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Dream World Blackhole.jpg
Black Hole Coaster

Step into the next level of adventure away from the human world and in a futuristic space adventure right here at Dream World Amusement Park Bangkok. Take your seat on the space train that will whisk you away into the outer world at breakneck speeds. The train goes full throttle taking you on a turbulent yet amazing space ride complete with lights and sounds that give you the feel of being in outer space.

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Shows at Dream World Bangkok

Dream World Bangkok Thailand is a well-rounded entertainment zone that encompasses fun rides, shopping, and dining experiences, as well as some unique shows that will make your visit to the park memorable. The Colors of the World Parade and Hollywood Action are two such shows that promise to transport viewers into a world of fantasy and vibrancy.

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Dream World Shows.jpg
The Colours of the World Parade

Come face to face with your favorite fictional characters including James Bond, Super Man, Snow White, and Cinderella at the famous Colors of the World Parade at Dream World Bangkok Thailand. This is a vibrant street parade that runs along the thoroughfares of the park and is one of the major highlights of the park. It includes cute mascots and an endless stream of famous characters from films, books, and the fantasy world who perform and do clown dances as they make their way around the park. After the parade, children can also interact with their favorite animated characters, princesses, and superheroes. The parade takes place every weekend at 3 PM and on holidays.

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Hollywood Action

Watch your beloved superstars from Hollywood locked in action sequences in nail-biting edge-of-the-seat situations. Complete with suspenseful background music, spectacular visual effects, and all the chills and thrills of a hard-core action movie. You can see how a terrorist group holed up in a dingy part of town is rounded up by the S.WA.T team after which engage in a fierce tussle. The show features every weekend as well as on holidays. The 25-minute explosive show is very popular among visitors and is one of the biggest attractions at Dream World Amusement Park Bangkok.

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Know Before You Go Dream World Bangkok

Essential Information
How To Reach

Location: Dream World Amusement Park Bangkok is located in Thanyaburi which is just about a 50-minute drive from the main city of Bangkok. The address is Dream World 62 Moo 1 Rangsit-Ongkharak Road (km.7) Thanyaburi, Pathumthani 12130

Timings: The amusement park is open on weekdays (Monday through Friday) from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. On weekends (Saturday and Sunday) as well as on public holidays, Dream World Bangkok remains open from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM.

Best Time To Visit: The best time of the day to visit Dream World Park Bangkok is in the early morning as soon as the park opens as this will help you stay clear of the crowds and enjoy maximum rides with less wait time in queues. The best time of the year to visit Dream World Park Bangkok is in the months of November through March when the weather is cooler than the scorching heat and humidity of the summer months. During this time you can best enjoy the activities, rides, gaming tours, and all that the park has to offer at a leisurely pace.

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Dream World Bangkok FAQs

What are the best rides at Dream World Bangkok?

  • Sky Coaster: this is Asia’s first-ever hanging coaster and one of the primary attractions at Dream World Bangkok Thailand
  • Grand Canyon: Modelled after the iconic Grand Canyon in the United States, this is an exciting water ride that will leave you soaked by the end of it
  • Super Splash: this is another wet ride that is very popular at Dream World Bangkok where you whiz your way through the water
  • Space Mountain: This is an indoor roller coaster and very attractive especially as a family-friendly ride

How far is Dreamworld from Bangkok city centre?

The distance between Dream World Bangkok Thailand and the city center of Bangkok is 81.2 KM. The entire distance can be covered on the road in approximately an hour and a half.

What all things do we need to carry?

Visitors need to carry their ID proof that needs to be furnished at the time of entering the park. The park is primarily set in an open area which can make long hours in the sun uncomfortable if you are not well prepared for it.

So carry adequate water, sunblock, and sun shades. Carry towels and an extra set of clothing as well as the water rides could leave you drenched. Wear loose, comfortable, and quick-drying clothes, and wear comfortable sports shoes with a good grip if you wish to venture into the adventurous zones. Don’t forget to take your cameras as you will find umpteen photo moments here at Dream World Park Bangkok.

Are there any places to eat in Dream World Bangkok?

There are several food outlets inside Dream World Bangkok that offer a wide selection of cuisines. If you wish to indulge in American fast food, there is KFC, and if the scrumptious Thai delicacies are what you are craving, head to the Thai outlets famous for their Pad Thai and Tom Yum noodles. There are options for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes on the menu along with several cool drinks to quench your thirst on hot days.

Do you pay for rides at Dreamworld?

The rides in the park are included in the entry fee which is around THB 1100. This, however, excludes Water Fun and Snow Land which cost extra, there are options to go for packages that start from THB 1125 if you wish to enjoy all of the facilities at Dream World Bangkok Thailand.

How many rides does Dreamworld have?

There are over 40 rides and activities in Dream World Bangkok spread across 4 main themed zones.

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